Development and Evaluation of an Integrated Knowledge Translation Initiative to Train Physical and Occupational Therapists in a Motor Learning-Based Virtual Reality Intervention Program

This project developed and evaluated a comprehensive knowledge translation (KT) initiative for therapists in two stroke rehabilitation units in Ontario.

Psychometric Properties of the Assessing Determinants of Prospective Take-up of Virtual Reality (ADOPT-VR) Instrument

Further evaluation of the validity and test-retest reliability of the ADOPT-VR is underway.

Evaluating the effectiveness of a novel motion-capture interface for social media game-based bimanual movement therapy. Functional Engagement in Assisted Therapy through Exercise Robotics (FEATHERs).

Phase 3 of this project aims to evaluate the effectiveness of a home-based treatment program employing a novel rehabilitation-specific gaming system designed to promote bimanual upper limb use for individuals with hemiparesis.

Identifying the virtual reality learning needs of occupational therapists and physical therapists: A cross-Canada survey.

This study includes the development and launch of a needs assessment survey for occupational therapists and physical therapists across Canada, designed to identify their learning needs with respect to their use of virtual reality and active gaming systems for rehabilitation applications.