Development and Evaluation of an Integrated Knowledge Translation Initiative to Train Physical and Occupational Therapists in a Motor Learning-Based Virtual Reality Intervention Program

This project developed and evaluated a comprehensive knowledge translation (KT) initiative for therapists in two stroke rehabilitation units in Ontario.

A Rehabilitation ‘Jump-Start’: Comparing the Effect of Home-Based Versus Clinic-Based Virtual Reality Therapy on Functional Mobility, Physical Activity and Participation in Children and Young Adults With CP

This study is developing and pilot testing these interventions to provide a foundation for a larger randomized clinical trial.

Movement Characteristics and Energy Expenditure of Virtual Reality Game Play in Children and Youth With CP

To support the growing evidence documenting the effectiveness of VR as a treatment modality, clinicians require information as to the relationship between VR game play, energy expenditure and atypical movement patterns in children and youth with CP. This study describes energy expenditure and movement characteristics of VR game play in two common rehabilitation-specific and commercially-available gaming platforms.

Psychometric Properties and Clinical Use of the Motor Learning Strategy Rating Instrument (MLSRI)

Projects are planned to further evaluate the validity and inter-rater reliability of the MLSRI and explore whether physical therapists can use the instrument to plan motor learning-based interventions.

Development of a New Resource to Assist Physical Therapists in Clinical Decision-Making Regarding Kinect Game Use

Working with Dr. Judith Deutsch, Dr. Emily Fox, Dr. Debbie Espy and Dr. Sujata Pradhan, we have created and are validating a web-based resource for physical therapists support clinical decision-making about therapeutically appropriate and client-centered Kinect game use.

Establishing Methodological Quality Guidelines for Scoping Studies

Led by Dr. Kelly O’Brien, our team will bring international experts together to develop methodological quality guidelines for conduct and reporting of scoping reviews.